Now with 100 stores nationwide, the Carry Out Off Licence chain has firmly established itself as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing off licence chains in Ireland. The takeover of Carry Out by the Barry Group in 2009 has seen the brand enjoy significant and consistent growth with ambitions for much more to come.

By becoming a Carry Out retailer, you will become part of a retailer that prides itself on being a profitable, community based business. Central to Carry Out is the promises that each franchise are local businesses serving local communities with an excellent product range, level of experience and commitment to service right at your doorstep.

Other Benefits include:

  • Store Development
  • Marketing
  • Trading
  • IT
  • Finance
  • HR and Training
  • Regional Management
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to Ireland's leading range of wines, beers & spirits
  • Access to exclusive wine agencies
  • Unrivalled range of speciality beers
  • One order » One invoice
  • One delivery » One company
  • Cost reductions - Group schemes on internet access, telecommunication, electricity charges, insurance costs, bank charges and credit card costs
  • Simplicity in operations / Reduction in administration - Internal Trading department remove the need for individual retailers to have to deal with over 40 suppliers
  • Central billing facility
  • Greater Purchasing Power
  • Nationwide weekly delivery
  • Reduction in stock holding at store level
  • Industry Experience - Advice on a focussed sales strategy for each area

For further information about becoming a Carry Out retailer please contact:

David O’Keeffe
086 7740 885