Like all good business ideas, the story of Urban Sips began with an obsession to brew up a seriously good barista style coffee with exceptional aroma and flavour unique to us.

Giving it our best shot

In a bid to bring an accessible gourmet coffee experience to the nation, Urban Sips was created. Made with 100% Grade 1 Arabica beans from Nicaragura, Columbia and Ethopia, these coffees combined produced a blend with an excellent overall body, pronounced aromas and a clean, velvety texture. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, our Nicaraguan bean supports the Flores del Café (Women’s Fund Project). It’s a fair-trade coffee and is produced exclusively by women and helps them get legal title for their land. These titles enable women to get access to credit and loans to support their families.

In an era where coffee continues to grow as one of Ireland’s biggest trends in the convenience sector, Barry Group has produced a leading coffee blend offering its retailers the opportunity to further grow and enhance their business

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